Fixing Eyes is our Motto

The Khanna Institute of Lasik, located in Los Angeles, was established with the idea that people should be able to trust a doctor and the Institution for their vision. First do no harm was the guiding principle. Khanna Institute is one of the most comprehensive Lasik facilities serving the Los Angeles area.Our main locations include Beverly Hills and Westlake village.Each one of our facilities includes the latest and most superior technology in eye and patient care.Khanna Institute specializes in providing individualized vision correction care with a calm and caring approach. All patients are evaluated and personally cared for by Dr. Khanna and his well trained, certified staff in our modern surgical facilities..The Khanna institute of Lasik has served thousands of individuals across the globe.Including some up and coming movie stars such as Corbin Blue from High School Musical and Brenda Song from Disney. World famous celebrities like Sharon Stone Smokey Robinson and billionaire tycoon Richard Branson have consulted with Dr. Khanna. As well as the President of Jewish life television,he had his eyes operated on at our eye institute. Dr. Khanna has performed vision correction procedures on nearly people from all professions and from age ranges of 5 to age 106.


Dr Rajesh Khanna was born in Chandigarh and raised in Delhi.Tenant of doctors, had an influence on choosing a profession.Good school with excellent teachers who helped to guide us. The top from our class all chose medicine. Even though he got admission into five medical colleges including Maulana Azad ( MAMC), he opted for Jawaharlal Institute of Post graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry. During medical school he had a rotation in Ophthalmology. Dr RK was so fascinated by the colors in the eyes. Therefore I did a residency in King Edward Medical College, amongst the best in India.Next phase of life was very interesting and fulfilling.  Dr RK got a teaching post in Terna Medical College and was appointed at the youngest consultant at Mahatama Gandhi Medical College.  He started private practice in New Bombay.   At that time in one of the lecture she was attending, he met a leading refractive surgeon from the United States. Talking to him he realized that how far advanced US was in that field. There was no such opportunity in India at that time. So he embarked on a mission to win a fellowship or advanced training in the United States. For this he had to write and pass a series of exams called USMLE. On overcoming that hurdle he was accepted into the University of Cincinnati for a Corneal and Refractive surgery fellowship.

Wavefront LASIK and High Blood Pressure


Many patients desiring Wavefront Intralase LASIK ask us regarding their blood pressure. High Blood Pressure is termed as Hypertension. In our Beverly Hills Surgery Center we monitor all patients ‘ blood pressure when they undergo cataract or Prelex surgery. Blood Pressure has two components- systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Its best to have your blood pressure well controlled before any procedure. Hypertension, per se will not cause any problems with your laser vision enhancement. Our Los Angeles LASER expert, Rajesh Khanna, MD has done thousands of LASIK surgeries, including many in patients who had hypertension.

Americas Next Top Ophthalmologist


Hello, friends. Once again we are the harbingers of good news. Our very own Beverly Hills Vision Care expert, Rajesh Khanna has been selected as one of the top ophthalmologists of America. This prestigious award is based on research by the Consumer Research Council of America. They do not accept fees, donations, sponsorships or advertising from any individuals, professionals, corporations or associations. This policy was enacted to ensure an unbiased selection for the lists of America’s Best.

We salute Dr. Khanna One of Americas Best, in our own backyard in Beverly Hills. The voice of thousands of happy patients of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients have been heard. A passionate Laser Vision Correction expert has been recognized. Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and fellowship trained at the University of Cincinnati.

Rajesh Khanna MD Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon, Voted as best Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles.

Rajesh Khanna, MD chosen as best los angeles lasik surgeon

Rajesh Khanna, MD chosen as best los angeles lasik surgeon

Rajesh Khanna MD, Voted as Best Lasik-Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Daily News. Top Athletes trusted Dr Khanna with their Lasik surgery. Olympic Medal winners, Celebrity sportsman and woman love to have him take care of their precious eyes. Eyes are very important and crucial for their sucess. They are the best in their field and and want the best in LASIK surgery. Therefore they want Rajesh Khanna, MD. He has offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Jason Gedrick- In Buddy’s Eyes

Beverly Hills LASIK Surgeon and Jason
PJ time @ Baldwins

PJ time @ Baldwins
Jason Gedrick has starred in – In Buddy’s Eyes. Ok, we dont like to yell about it – but also in One Eyed King. Dr. Khanna on the other hand is the king of vision and helps people both with and two eyes to see better. While some eye surgeons shy away from taking tough cases like One Eyed patients, or those with shimmering eyes, our eye surgeon likes to help all people of los angeles and beyond.

Mr.Boffin, Wavefront LASIK please


We came across the following news item on LASIK and safety of laser vision correction.




WASHINGTON – A research team, including an Indian-origin boffin, has found that laser eye surgery that corrects vision does not lead to later problems with the cornea – at least not after nine years.




We know what is laser vision correction. What in the world is a boffin? For this we had to turn too our friendly source of knowledge – wikipedia- “in the slang of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa, boffins are scientists, medical doctors, engineers, and other people engaged in technical or scientific research.


So, here’s to our own Beverly Hills LASIK Boffin: cheers!

TLC Vision or Tender Loving Care


A nice young man rode his yamaha 100 miles to have Laser vision correction with our Beverly Hills LASIK doctor. After the tiring ride he quenched his thirst  with an arnold palmer. (yes we serve that to our patients)


In a matter of few minutes he improved from being legally blind and be even to see his hands to seeing 20/40 or driving vision.


He still needed a little TLC or tender loving care. So our wonderful caring staff, brought out a pillow and warm blankets and converted one of the consult rooms into a bedroom for him so he could take a nap. That helped him a lot. TLC improved the vision too.


Now he was 20/20.


Keep up the good work Dr. Rajesh Khanna and The Caring Staff!

Miss California and Mr. Vision

Carrie Prejean and Dr.Rajesh Khanna
Beauty and Vision

Carrie Prejean is a charming person who is beautiful and a pleasure to the eyes. Speaking of eyes Rajesh Khanna can help visualize beauty. As you may remember Carrie had won the coveted Miss California and was the runner up for Miss America. Carrie has been surrounded by controversy. At our Beverly Hills LASIK center our Laser vision specialist like sto avoid controversy. Therefore we like to offer laser procedures which have been FDA approved. Dr.Khanna does LASIK on all well qualified candidates. Yes they have to pass all the stringent tests first. These include but are not limited to corneal topography which determines the shape  of cornea, pachymetry or the measurement of the cornea, assessing to make sure that the power of your eyes is stable and ruling out dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. If you qualify and have realistic expectations our laser vision correction specialist would be ready to do his magic on your eyes. Our Los angeles LASIK surgeon has operated on various patients irrespective of color, sex, race, class or sexual orientation. For we at our Beverly Hills LASER center believe vision is everyones right. Let the bells of freedom of vision ring!