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Meet the Man with the Vision…  Dr. Rajesh Khanna M.D.

The Khanna Vision Institute of LASIK in Beverly Hills, CA.  Provides cutting edge  technology for the latest in vision care solutions

by:  Suzanne Takowsky / Beverly Hills Times Magazine

Delivering the ultimate in eye care alternatives

Rajesh Khanna, M.D. pictured a place where individuals would have the ability to go for more than simply world-class eye attention. He wanted that patients might feel comfortable, and feel assured since they obtained state of the art laser vision therapy, tailored for their unique needs. Patient care has always been the key goal, using a sincere emphasis put on compassion and the dignity of every customer.

The Khanna Institute was conceived with the fundamental doctrine of “First do no harm”. Our purpose is to use the most innovative methods to raise the efficacy and safety of vision corrective processes. We just utilize FDA-approved strategies and gear, and also our Los Angeles team receives continuing education to keep on top of the area of eye care. Therefore many happy patients viewing much better in Los Angeles feature their greater vision to Khanna Institute of LASIK.

I see you, LASIK doctor

With the famous LASIK victory cup in hand eyes pointed at the camera, stands this well known actor. No, we are not giving away his name. We at the beverly hills lasik eye institute are in a playful mood. We want you to recognize him. Hmm, are you planning to call our beverly hills office to find the answer. Maybe you can come in and do a lasik consult, to treat your astigmatism, farsightedness or get rid of those reading glasses.

Alice in Big Bang Land

Do you recognize our Beverly hills lasik eye doctor? Do you know who is the great looking girl next to him? Ever watched Big bang theory. Guys, not the one hosted by Morgan.zz….zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I speak of the hilarious comedy on cbs which stars Kunnal Nayyar as Rajesh. Ah. Have you ever seen him skype his feelings to his parents who live in India? Scratch your memory- remember the gal inside his laptop?

Is everything crystal clear? We can use laser vision correction to make your vision clear.

Good to be back after the hiatus. Too bad some of us cannot come back.

From the urn to the duster buster. God Bless the atheists!

Emmy LASIK eye doctor

Lasik surgeon writes on eyes
We got a life changing script !

For once we are speechless! Lasik eye doctor from beverly hills holding an emmy. We are dying to get the whole scoop. Can we know why this laser vision correction expert has been handed this trophy?

Has Hollywood bestowed their sunshine on this well know lasik eye surgeon. PC- Academy of television arts and sciences bestowed honors.

When we heard the good doc was off to the academy we had presumed he was at the American academy of ophthalmology. Truth is turning out to be stranger than fiction.Not my fictional story.

Beverly hills LASIK doc’s Sheen

Act 2: scene1
Beverlyhillslasikdoc :welcome Charlie and Chuck. Good to see you.
I am cognizant of both your view points. It’s like this. Charlie you are saying the glass is half full and chuck you insist it is half both of you are right. You will have to envision the truth from different perspective. You both agree there is water in the glass, correct?
Charlie: yes
Chuck: ditto
Beverlyhillslasikdoc : (stroking his greying beard) ah, so we all agree.Now if you guys stop living in the seventies and start seeing things as they are in the 21st century, we will be able to be happy.
Charlie: you the man, doc!
Beverlyhillslasikdoc:for starters, both of you have to loose these visual crutches from the previous century- glasses. You need clear sparkling vision, with no glasses either for distance or near.
Chuk:is this even possible? Even in Jetsons they wear glasses.
Beverlyhillslasikdoc: that proves Ruth is better than fiction, or medicin is advancing faster than what Hollywood can concot.
Charlie: cool man.
Beverlyhillslasikdoc: have you seen Butch Patrick from the munsters wear glasses? Surely you remember him as the kid with funny mark on his forehead. He got his mark before Harry potter was even conceived.
Chuck and Charlie: no (in unison)- but I am afraid!
Beverlyhillslasikdoc : (scratching his bald head) fear is the key!-as Alister Maclean Nicely put it. Fear stems from Ignorance is not bliss. And fear stems from not having the power to replace things we currently enjoy. Charlie, you are fearful that after 2 and 1/2 men you may not be able to deliver another hit! You have poured your entire life story into this one sitcom. Where are you going to get another life story from?
Charlie: hmmm.
Beverlyhillslasikdoc : chuck, you are scared that, that golden spooned Charlie may suddenly jump back to movies, or disappear leaving you stranded with no show. So in your mind you are already living that truth and moved to m&m.
Chuck: that’s insightful
Beverlyhillslasikdoc : and in your minds each is thinking I can do better than the other. Chuck, u feel you could have enacted charlie’s role and sheen you believe you can write these shows.
Charlie: grunts
Beverlyhillslasikdoc : so we will work out a plan where we address your fears about life, vision correction and tv shows.
See you tomorrow.

This hasn’t happened, yet!

Confessions of Charlie Sheen

Act1 Scene3:
Setting : Malibu beach house
Charlie:I am so fed up of untalented folks trying to prove themselves better than me. What is their problem if I drink or smoke? They are plain jealous that I know how to enjoy life.Don’t I have problems? My whole life I have been trying to prove myself, to come out from my fathers shadow! And yes to gain My dad’s attention and love . Is anything wrong with that? I felt so dejected me when he reported me for parole violation. Everyone is fixated on Charlie! No one tries to understand Carlos. Even the women I fell in love with, were actually in love with Charlie sheen not Carlos.Is it too much to ask that my loved ones understand my fears, the ghosts from the past. I live life to the hilt but I give everything to my work. Has not my stellar handwork made the Men a hit! I opened my life for the show. What did chuck really have to do? With 200 writers at his disposal, and a brilliant life story, all he did was act pompous! I on the other hand had to face the camera every time and deliver to my audience.
So how does it bother this insect what I do after or before the show?And since his creativity is dead he is trying to blame my smoking. Is he the drug czar or a worn out writer. I will not take this lying down, I will become drug free and than challenge his creativity leaving him no excuse.

This may or may not have occurred.

Confessions of chuck loree

Act 1 Scene 2: Setting : a house in Los Angeles

Chuck: I have had enough of this drunk, druggie, whoremonger!I will not write for him or dwell on stupid antics of his. He is such a bad influence on kids .. My son, my wife abhors him.
He represents what wrong with our society. He has no character, yet he gets all the kudos. I exercise everyday, eat healthy food,avoid drinks and don’t smoke. This guy on the other hand is evil incarnate. He drinks and drinks, mistreats women, breaks all laws.yet, success and money follow him. Why do women drool over him, is bulbs fathom.
It’s always been the same. Even in school, I would struggle and excel, follow all rules , turn in work o n time and get straight A’s.
The same teachers would high five the jocks who were always absconding and smoking. The cheerleaders would throw themselves at these low life’s who would not think twice of taking advantage of them. Why? And they would turn down a true gentleman like’s not fair.
I will not play second fiddle no more. My pen is my power. I will create characters and a show more powerful than men. I will turn unknown, unlikely talented actors into stars. Like the creation I will create a Big Bang!

This may or may not have happened!

Charlie Chuck Beverly hills LASIK doc

Act 1 scene 1

Setting : a mansion in Beverly hills 2006
Charlie Sheen: Man, I am so gifted, than why do I have to prove myself everyday?
Chuck: Gifted my foot! You were born with a silver spoon which you have been able to tarnish.
Charlie Sheen: yeah right! 2 and 1/2 is a hit because of my heritage?when things go right it’s my birth and when things go south , I am a screwup.
Chuck: don’t twist have been sitting on the couch for 4 years. We have got tired of writing for you. You need to get up and start acting.
Charlie Sheen:tired of writing for me? Can you even write? If it wasn’t for me, do you even think your miserable talent would have seen the light of the day?
Chuck: I have been writing before you could even spell? I was writing when you were thrown out of SaMo high. I will continue writing even when you can’t stand up from your drunken stupor.
Charlie Sheen: my foot! Give you an inch you claim a yard. Without me you are dirt
Chuck: dirt is in your mind! I can write and make a hit show with unknowns. What’s more I can even turn a foreigner into a hit. Anyone, anyone tall, thin, fat …. I will show you.
Charlie Sheen: I dont have time to listen to the crap of an untalented word spitter. I am off to party.

This may or may not have happened.

Beverly Hills Eye Fashion

Beverly Hills Eye Fashion

Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Louis Vuitton, are just a few of the names you hear when discussing fashion in Beverly Hills. But what about the other popular names, names of fashion leaders like: Lasik Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists and Dermatologists. In this discussion particularly we will be discussing the growing fashion trend of Lasik Surgery in Beverly Hills.

Lasik in Beverly Hills has become the premier surgery for vision correction because it’s quick, painless and helps you look your best. There is little or next to no discomfort following the procedure and vision recovered rapidly in most cases. The Beverly Hills Lasik Doc, ‘Dr. Rajesh Khanna’ can help you correct a multitude of vision problems like; nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Eyes are the gateway to the soul,

One in the Gun

When Los Angeles LASIK expert Rajesh Khanna, MD meets a highly talented actress, there is heat. The moment is captured for eternity. Contact lenses can get in the way of  a nice performance in front or behind the camera. If that is troubling you come to Dr.Khanna. If you wan to relax and have a good time watch “one in the gun” a noir movie starring the beautiful Katherine Randolph. Its a very enjoyable movie, with  two roles by Ms Randolph. Los Angeles Laser really enjoyed the movie. His other passion is helping see people better.