Ocular rosacea

Ocular Rosacea

Ocular Rosacea

Rosace is disease of unknown origin. Rosacea mainly afflicts the skin. There are 4 types of skin rosacea and one variant. The lid is an extension of the skin. Therefore rosacea can spread to the lid margin causing Rosacea Blephritis or inflammation of the lid margin. Lid margins have numerous pores which produce components of tear film. This has some consequences on tear production. The quantity and quality of tear is altered inciting dry eye.

Dry eyes are notorious for developing pingecula and pterygium. The reason is that tears supply oxygen to the surface of the eye. Deficient tear film can impede supply of oxygen to the conjunctiva and the cornea. So we find that Rosace patients suffer from these disease entities. It may even lead to deep vessels and haze in the cornea.

Natural Treatment of Ocular Rosacea

We prefer non pharmacytical approach as the mainstay of treating this troublesome ocular condition.

  1. Lid Hygiene
  2. Artificial Tears
  3. Warm Compress

Medications for Ocular Rosacea

  1. Oral Tetracycline : This is a time tested drug. It works in multiple fashion. Tetracycline when ingested orally softens the secretions from the mebiomain glands. This action unclogs the Pres yielding thinner liquid tears. Watch out if this is taken by a pregnant woman or a kid. In these it can cause teeth discoloration and affect the bones.
  2. Oral Doxycycline :  A newer variant. Dose required is less. For maintenance therapy oral 40 mg Doxycycline is now FDA approved.
  3. Topical cyclosporine  – restais  or xiidra. These are the 21st century addition to the treatment protocol for rosacea of the eye. These drops are not steroids, but are anti-inflammatory. Reduction of inflammation is beneficial to the entire surface of the eye.
  4. Topical Azithromycin

Finally there are surgical options for manifestations like pterygium  

or DALK surgery for deep stroll scars.

For more information for your specific symptoms please contact us.


Comprise after LASIK

: How quickly after surgical procedure can I put on make up? Some also delight individuals in Beverly Hills the exact same night., MD at our Beverly Hills workplace prior to the treatment to have your inquiries responded to.

: How quickly after surgical treatment can I use make up? Some also delight people in Beverly Hills the exact same night., MD at our Beverly Hills workplace prior to the treatment to have your concerns responded to.

Are you a LASIK prospect?

We could do wavefront slim flap lasik, allegrato all laser lasik, customvue epilasik or superlasik. That implies if you come to our Beverly Hills LASER facility and also you are using cotact lenses with prescription of -11 or -6 or also + 7 you might be a prospect. We will certainly make certain your vision is steady, the corneal form is great as well as there is adequate corneal cells to do the laser vision adjustment.

Are You Considering Lasik?

Are You Considering Lasik?

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